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Keeping your washrooms clean

Posted on June 27, 2018 by connectedworker

A recent survey in Melbourne revealed that almost 100 restauranters and office owners in the city all settle on the fact that restroom cleanliness directly affects customer satisfaction and loyalty from their client base.

Furthermore, almost 70% are willing to purchase sustainable paper, which is good news that awareness of these responsibilities is also high in owners within the city.

Almost 90% of restauranteurs felt that a clean restroom gives the customers the knowledge that the same standards are held in the kitchen too. Commerical office cleaning Melbourne are available to assess your requirements. 

Over 40% of the restauranters interviewed said repeat business could be a direct result of well-maintained restrooms and two in five believe that this heavily influences social media results. Office owners where face to face and customer interaction are paramount to, show very similar results. 

Here some other statistics in order of importance to the people surveyed:

Toilet without dirt and flush working correctly – 84%

No puddles or sticky substances – 79%

Essential stock, paper, towels, soap  – 66%

Quality toilet paper – 52%

The overall consensus is that customers expect more than just good food and ambience, cleanliness in the kitchen is a given, but by seeing and visualising it in the establishment, this can reap significant benefits for restaurants and offices with incoming clientele looking to enhance their reputation within Melbourne.  A new focus on renewable and clog-free toilet paper is a significant consideration moving forward.