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3 reasons not to lose weight

Posted on May 25, 2018 by connectedworker

The weight loss industry has undergone so much change in the past decade. Nowadays, it's all about changing your lifestyle.

But let's be honest. Not everyone who wants to lose weight is ready for a major lifestyle change. Why should they be?

If you’re looking to lose a little weight to fit into that wedding dress, or maybe into the hot little number for your high school reunion, you need an eating plan that lets you still eat all your favorite foods. And of course, you can use the best weight shedding supplement to burn fat and get slim.

Yes, you know all the benefits of exercising and cutting down on sugars. Maybe one day when you're ready you'll take that step. For now, here are a few good reasons to appreciate eating what you want.

1. Food soothes

There’s nothing better than the feel of your favorite ice cream on a cold day, or a hot Chai latte when the rain’s pouring outside.

2. Eating is a great distraction

When life hands you lemons, make lemon cookie dough. Food has been every girl’s first choice when a man lets them down. And why not? Red velvet cupcakes will never break your heart.

3. It tastes great

It’s possible to acquire a taste for sugarless, starch-less, spice-less treats, but they’ll never quite fill the “tasty treat” void.

As with everything balances is important but why deny yourself life’s little pleasures? After all, life’s too short to not eat the darned cake.