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What is Doba and Is It Worth Joining?

Posted on December 20, 2017 by connectedworker

I'm going to write about what Doba is in this Doba review and then talk about what the top competitors are.

What is Doba?

Doba is a popular drop shipping service, and it's been around for several years now.  It's most popular with online resellers like those who sell on eBay and Amazon, but also e-commerce businesses with their own online stores.  It is perhaps most useful for those who are just starting out, rather than established businesses.

The main selling point of Doba is that it's very easy to use – by far the fastest and most simple of the drop shipping services.

One of the key downsides though is that it only does drop shipping – there are no wholesalers and no option to buy in bulk, or even 'light bulk' with Doba.

What are the alternatives to Doba?

Worldwide Brands and Sale Hoo are the main alternatives – these are paid directories of drop shippers and wholesalers, which is slightly different and more manual to use than Doba.  Doba is a one site solution to get goods drop shipped to your customers, these are not.

With Salehoo and Worldwide Brands, you have to search for individual suppliers and make contact with them yourself.  The advantage to this though is that you get to build a relationship with your suppliers and buy in larger quantities, and get lower prices, which is not possible with Doba.