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Jamie Oliver’s Plastic Dinnerware

Posted on November 10, 2016 by connectedworker

Jamie Oliver is one of the most famous chefs in Britain today. He has been chosen to cook for visiting politicians at Number Ten Downing Street, which is a good indication of his status as a chef.

But he also has his own range of plastic dinnerware that has been designed especially for him. So not only can you follow his recipes, you can also serve them up on Jamie Oliver’s own dinner service!

The range on Jamie’s website is small but very well presented and designed. Bone china and porcelain feature in the plastic dinnerware sets, and you can tell that the finished designs are fully intended to be used – not just put on display and not touched for ages.

The pure and simple white range is perfect for an understated dinner party, although you can tell this is not just another cheap white value plastic dinnerware set. Other dinner services use colour in a very subtle way to enhance the finish.

And of course you won’t just get dinner plates, bowls and side plates in Jamie Oliver’s ranges. There are other items available as well, such as pasta bowls, which complete the set and make it even more versatile.

Why should you think about choosing Jamie Oliver plastic dinnerware?

For starters, Jamie Oliver’s plastic dinnerware is attractive and practical. Some designer ranges look so fragile they can’t possibly have been intended for actual use! But this is not the case here. As you would expect from someone who is a chef, Jamie has commissioned these designs to serve the purpose they were really intended for.

These are for people who want something special that they can use over and over again. They are also ideal if you like the use of colour, but only in moderation. Additions to the white range of items such as rice bowls also help inspire you to do more with your dinner service, instead of just the basics.

What should you expect from his website?

Jamie’s website is awash with recipes to serve up on his dinner services. And the actual product pages for the items are very well put together too. You will notice that the description is accurate and includes the dimensions of each item.

And you may be surprised at the prices as well. For a designer range that comes from a top chef, you would normally expect to pay a lot more for what you are getting.

You can also enjoy zooming in to take a closer look at each item in the range, and there is often more than one photo to look at as well.

In conclusion

Jamie Oliver may well become just as well known for his superb plastic dinnerware sets as he is for his cooking. He clearly understands what people are looking for in a plastic dinnerware set that is going to be used every day. Combining a practical design with a great look, he has hit on a winner. You can order Jamie Oliver’s plastic dinnerware online.