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How to Make Paper Placemats Out of Christmas Cards?

Posted on January 26, 2016 by alice.stone

It appears a disgrace to toss them away; but what else can you do with them, every year when you receive lots of Xmas cards? One possibility: Make sure they are converted into paper placemats! It is not that difficult to make paper placemats using Christmas cards. Some people say it is very easy. You won’t require more than half an hour to create a paper placemats using christmas cards that you have lying useless at home.

First, take one of the drinking glasses you have at home. Then, track round the glass with a pen. Cut-out the cards based on the shapes and put them aside. Repeat this process until you have at the very least 24 groups for every paper placemat. Organize your cut-outs on the bit of paper to create the very first mat. Then, stick in position. Repeat the above steps to create the rest of the paper placemats. Complete the process by laminating or implementing contact paper to each pad. Constitute several models of paper placemats so that you have several gift suggestions which you can give to your friends. Experiment with various designs (squares, rectangles, even Christmas trees) they’re ideal for scout leaders, teachers, grandparents and several others. You can use an old wrapping paper for the purpose. You need not buying fresh wrapping papers for this. Groups are simply one of the most significant options.Write the year that you obtained the cards on each of the paper placemats you have created and you’ll have a Christmas archive that you can increase each year. Here is a summary of the things you would need for making these paper placemats. Xmas cards, a drinking glass, scissors, fevistick or any glue, a pencil, a big piece of paper.

You might find the above steps a little overwhelming when you get down to create the place mats for the first time. But with time and some practice you will become a master at creating them. You can find videos on Youtube or any other video sites explaining the above steps in greater detail. Watch those videos first before setting out to make these paper placemats. If not, you can simply go to the nearest store and buy a bunch of disposable paper placemats and save yourself some time. You don’t even have to go anywhere. You can simply order them online from The placemats will reach you within 7 days.